Tonight’s game of the week was an
Absolute nail biter! Markville knew what they had to do tonight in order to stay a top the table and TAC did everything in their power to stop it. From start to finish this game was filled with heart stopping moments, bone crunching tackles and enough passion to feed the city of Markham! With top spot on the line and firm grasp of the season crown heading into the final week Markville was able to seize the day! Squeaking out a very tight 2-1 victory over a determined TAC squad. They have continued to be the hottest team in the second half of the season and look like a team that’s simply just not willing to settle for anything but top spot! Mr. Johnny on the spot himself was name Player of The week… congrats to Johnny Pennacchio! A true goal scorer knows where to be at all times and that couldn’t be more true in this case! Johnny is as pure a goal scorer as there is…he simply just gets that ball in the back of the net and isn’t afraid to use any part of his body to do so! He is a big game player and tonight he showed that by taking his team on his back and scoring both crucial goals. This is one guy you either love or hate…but one guy you can never question his love or passion for this game! To be the best you got to beat the best and that has been Markville’s approach all year long…they play with a swagger unlike no
Other team and at this point and time deservingly so! They will look to jump their final hurdle next week when they welcome the Blazers, there probably isn’t a team that wants to play spoiler more than them so this should be a great match. TAC should hold their heads high putting together back to back impressive games and showing the rest of the league that they are not to be taken lightly. Come playoffs this team is one I truly wouldn’t want to match up against. With 1 week to go and 3 teams in the championship hunt man o man next week is going to be exciting. It’s been a great season to date and the finale couldn’t have been set up any better. Who wants it more? Who will rise and who will fall? WHO…will earn the right to call themselves 2017 season champions!?!? Only time will tell.
Congrats to Markville and Mr. Johnny P!